Global technology company inDrive, known for its innovative peer-to-peer pricing model, announced today that it will be expanding its mission of advancing global equity by launching Alternativa Film Project: a global non-profit film initiative dedicated to supporting emerging filmmakers from less developed screen industries. The programme encompasses three strands: an innovative awards ceremony which recognizes the impact of local feature films, animated films, documentaries, and short films; funding via cash prizes awarded to winners; and training to uplift and upskill the next generation of filmmakers.

Every few years the initiative will spotlight a different region, with Central Asia taking center stage in 2023 for Alternativa’s maiden edition.

Alternativa Film Project marks the latest in a long line of company initiatives to challenge systematic injustice and provide social elevators to underserved communities. By shining a light on less visible film industries, Alternativa aims to amplify a new generation of artistic voices on a global scale.