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Alternativa Film awards

Alternativa Film awards

The Alternativa Film Awards present an alternative system for recognizing professionals from different countries and provide a platform for the exchange of experience. We honor films that bring change to the world and society, while appealing to a wide audience.

  • To find brave, new, unheard voices and amplify them on a global scale.
  • To support filmmakers who need it most by providing resources and networking within the international community.
  • To strengthen the ties between cinema and social change.
The awards evaluate both the artistic merits of the films and their social impact. We seek to find and support films that address important social and cultural topics, and that have a positive effect on the lives of people and local communities.

As an international initiative, the award aims to strengthen cultural ties between various regions. In 2024 we are accepting entries from all the countries in Asia, with a particular focus on South East Asia.

Feature films, documentaries, animation and hybrid films from all Asian countries are eligible for the awards. This year, we are only accepting short films of any genre (including documentaries and animation) from South East Asia. Films must have been completed in 2023 or 2024.

A shortlist of award nominees will be selected by a committee consisting of film critics and journalists, curators, and artistic and programming directors of film festivals from South East Asia and other Asian countries. The winners will be chosen by an international jury of film directors and producers from Asia and Europe, as well as of social activists, community leaders and NGO representatives.


The Alternativa Film Awards are presented in five categories. As we do not want to establish a hierarchy, all awards are equivalent in status and each has a prize fund of $20,000. We also present one special award, which does not come with a cash prize.


This is awarded to a filmmaker who has the potential to contribute to change, both in the film industry and society in general. The award aims to support new talent and is given for a first or second feature.


This recognizes a film that shines light on a topic or story that would otherwise have remained below the public’s radar. The award stresses the importance of putting those who are less noticed on the screen.


This recognizes a film that encourages social change. The award is given to a film that addresses critical issues (human rights, migration, wars, environment etc.) and has the potential to have an impact on society.


This award goes to a film that touches upon topics of national or cultural identity. The award is given for the representation of a country or a region, and for putting that place or community on the map.


For a short film produced in a focus region. The award aims to support local talents in their pursuit of new paths.


A special prize for a film that has achieved outstanding success with an audience outside its home region.

*This prize is not part of the open call, and does not carry a monetary reward.