September 26 – October 1, 2024, Bishkek

The Impact Lab caters for producers and directors whose projects raise crucial and timely issues such as human rights, the environment, gender inequality, social conflicts, and human tragedies, and have the potential to influence society.

We live in a world that needs change. It's not enough to just make a film. It needs to be seen and discussed, and sometimes, even that is not sufficient. We need to help the protagonist. We need to change laws or reach out to international organizations. Impact Lab teaches how to achieve these goals.

The lab tutors are experts who have influenced policy and helped real people. Their films have received major international awards, but most importantly, they know how to develop and implement strategies that lead to real change. The lab will help the authors of projects, touching upon socially significant topics, learn how to promote their films and create a roadmap for solving the problems they address. Cinema is a powerful art form, and we aim to harness its full potential to make the world a better place.

Producers and directors from Central Asia with projects for feature and documentary full-length films that could positively influence society and the environment, and attract resources to address pertinent issues. These professionals should have already produced one or several films and demonstrate interest in working with communities and exploring innovative impact strategies. Projects at any stage, beginning from late development (where a project has a script, outlined characters and issues, a clear target audience, and identified resources required to commence shooting), along with projects completed in 2023 or 2024, are eligible for participation.
Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.
  • The project team will select participants based on the results of the open call, which will end on August 5, 2024. The list of participants will be published on the project's website in early September 2024.
  • Participants must attend the lab sessions in person.
  • Participants grant the right to use their project for promotional and informational purposes of the Alternativa Film Labs program and undertake to mention the program in the credits of the project.
  • Participants agree to participate in the Alumni Meeting in several years after completing the program to share details of their professional journey and mentor new participants.
Group sessions with individual project analysis.
Master classes.
Assessment of impact projects.
Film screenings.
Russian, English (translation provided).
  • Motivational letter describing the social issues addressed in the project and how the project can help solve them
  • Project presentation
  • Author’s CV and filmography
  • Project script
  • Links to previous works
  • Film excerpt and/or other working materials on the project

Selection Committee

Jazgul Ibraimova

Media researcher, film critic


Film director, screenwriter

Alevtina Madyarova



Danielle Turkov

Founder and Executive Director of Think-Film Impact Production

Amy Sheppard

Chief Operating Officer, Think-Film Impact Production

Cliff Wilson

Coach, Strategic Advisor of Think-Film Impact Production