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November 26-30, 2023

The Impact Lab caters for producers and directors of projects that could have significant impact on society by raising sensitive issues such as human rights, the environment, inequality, conflicts and human tragedies. We live in a world in need of change, and we want to make a difference. However, it is not enough to make a movie; it has to be seen and discussed. Sometimes, even this is not sufficient. We need to help the hero. We need to articulate the problem in full voice, for all the world to hear. The law must be changed. The Alternativa Impact Lab explains how this can be achieved.

The Lab’s faculty are experts who have influenced politics and helped real people. Their films have won Emmys and Oscars. Above all, however, they know how to develop and implement strategies to trigger real change. The Lab will help the authors of projects that tackle socially significant and sensitive topics learn how to promote their films and create a roadmap to address the problems that these raise. Cinema is a powerful art form, and we aim to leverage all of its potential to make the world a better place.

The Impact Lab is open to producers and directors from Central Asia with projects for live action films and documentaries that could have significant social impact. They should be professionals who have shot one or more films, and are interested in working with communities and exploring new impact strategies. Eligible projects should be at a late development stage (i.e. they have a script outlining the issues and heroes, as well as the target audience, and the resources needed to start shooting the project have been identified).
Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
The project team selects participants based on the results of an open call. Participants should attend the workshops in person, and consent to the use of their projects for the commercial and promotional purposes of the Alternativa Film Project. They undertake to mention the program in their project’s credits. Participants must be willing to participate in the following year’s Alumni Meeting to share their stories and mentor the next generation of participants.
Group lessons with individual analysis of projects
Master classes
Breakdown and analysis of impact projects
Screenings of the films
Russian, English (interpreter provided)
Motivational letter talking about the social issues raised by the project and how the project can help to resolve them.
Presentation of the project
Author’s CV and filmography
Project script
Links to previous works
Movie snapshots and/or other project materials
Reference to a major film that serves as the model for action


Danielle Turkov

Founder and Executive Director of Think-Film Impact Production

Amy Sheppard

Chief Operating Officer, Think-Film Impact Production

Margje de Koning

Artistic director of the Movies that Matter festival

Guest Speakers

Geralyn Dreyfous

Producer and Co-founder of Impact Partners

Julia Shaginurova

Producer, screenwriter

program participants


Assel Aushakimova

«Astana Internet Stars»



«The Cellar»


Elyor Nemat


Mumin Latifi

«Generation M»

Aigerim Satybaldy


Suinbike Suleimenova

«MÄMBET: language matter»

Anastasia Borisova


Katerina Suvorova

«May it be a girl»

Sultan Usuvaliev

«Invisible Traces»

Aizada Amangeldy


Tynystan Temirzhan

«The Boy Who Dreamed of Wings»

Kamila Rustambekova


Aziza Khalbekova

«Only Heaven Knows»

Odina Mahmad

«The Killer»